**Option 1**

website method
We have two ways to place poll votes order . all customers have to have an account with us ,
please sing up first Sign Up Here
Deposit some money top up ( visa /VISA/Master/ Amex / Discover /Crypto /Perfect Money /Venmo / cashapp / Zelle /Paypal

1 . through website
place the link example link https://twitter.com/GTR_solution/status/1524184578294153216
type the quantity you want , and poll option number , this example we used number 4

**Option 2**

Dashboard method
Please follow the following example to make an order:
Example for option1= the tweet link,THEN ?vote=1 at the end of the link
Example for option2= the tweet link,THEN ?vote=2 at the end of the link
*NO space between link and command: ?vote=1 ?vote=2
EXAMPLE of link and command:
*The order will be refunded if you do not follow our instructions.
If the poll vote is 3rd, 4th, 5th and so position, Is it the same idea ?vote=number of position in
the poll.